Latina America Organic Coffee Beans Box


This coffee beans box for tastingis composed of 4 bags of 250g of coffee beans, originating from Latin America, 100% Arabica and certified organic: Make yourself happy with this ideal gift!

  • GILBERTOis a coffee bean from Brazil. Aromatic notes of pepper, dark chocolate and vanilla. Intensity 6/7
  • FERNANDO is a coffee bean from Colombia. Aromatic notes of citrus fruits, caramel and concentrated milk. Intensity 4/7
  • FRIDA is a coffee bean from Mexico. Aromatic notes of malt, hazelnuts and toasted bread. Intensity 3/7
  • SIMON is a tasty blend of Colombian, Mexican and Brazilian coffees. Aromatic notes of spices and nuts. Intensity 5/7

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Coffret 4 cafés grains BIO

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