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Set of 50 Nespresso-type coffee pods. Organic, fair-trade and biodegradable

Introducing ‘The Ethical Selection’ set of 5 x 10 pods, which are compatible with Nespresso* machines, from ORIGEENS.
We have carefully selected 5 ORGANIC FAIRTRADE coffees:

  • SOFIA is a great Arabica coffee from Latin America. Delicate and slightly tangy. Decaffeinated without the use of solvents.
  • PAOLO is a Brazilian coffee with delicate and subtle notes which give it a distinctive long finish with chocolate notes.
  • TIZITA is a mocha from the Djimmah region of Ethiopia. A relatively strong coffee full of character, with notes of spices, leather and chocolate
  • CARLOS is a balanced Honduran coffee with a full body, a very light tang and fruity and delicate aromas.
  • YMA: The altitude and the climate of Peru give YMA a gentle and delicate balance, with soft, woody note

The set contains 5 measuring cups and 10 pods of each coffee.

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Premium Set with 50 Coffee Pods