The Origeens brand

Who are we ?

The Origeens adventure is first and foremost the story of 3 friends who, after different professional experiences, had a shared desire: to get into the business of sustainable, good quality products, developed with care and respect.

Great tea- and coffee-lovers, these are the products that we soon turned our minds to!

Very quickly, certification of our products as organic became a really clear choice for us, with the aim of offering products which are kind to your Health and to the Environment.

Here is a bit more about these 3 friends:

The Brand 1


As a former Environmental Engineer, Genevieve oversees the detail of the certifications and of relationships with our suppliers.

«Your ideal breakfast companion is…?

– Favorite cafetière…?
– The French Press

– And for afternoon tea …?
– A large cup of our green jasmine tea ! »

The Brand 2


As a former head of communication and then a graphic designer, Myriam looks after the corporate identity of Origeens: graphics, photos, packaging.

«Your ideal breakfast companion is…?
– GABRIEL and FRIDA, the perfect couple!

– Favorite cafetière…?
– The French Press

– And for afternoon tea…?
– The delicate flavour of our Sencha green tea…»

The Brand 3


After having worked in logistics and industrial IT, Bruno looks after the technical aspects.

«Your deal breakfast companion is…?

– GABRIEL! But GILBERTO at lunchtime…

– Favorite cafetière …?
– the Italian cafetière

– And for afternoon tea…?
– Our rooibos vanilla tea! »

Our values

Our values sound rather serious… but is that not what a commitment is ? For each product that we develop, from the choice of supplier to the creation of the product, our values are our guiding principle, and we make a commitment to respect them!

The Brand 4


Natural aromas and whole leaves go into our teas, we use slow hand-roasting for our coffees… The quality of our products comes from the respect we have for our products, not to denature them and to keep all their taste characteristics intact!

The Brand 5


We strive to create all our products in a sustainable way, so that they have a smaller impact on our planet: organic certification, reduction of packaging, choice of compostable materials, or materials which are easier to recycle… Being kind to the environment is everyone’s responsibility and it is much more effective if we build this in at the source!

The Brand 6


And finally, creativity, is that our key word? Creativity to find solutions to meet our 2 other values, and above all, creativity in order to offer you really good products, in order to give pleasure and to bring you enjoyment!

The Brand 7


Customer satisfaction is one of our main priorities.
Indeed, service quality for our clients is a must to develop our young brand and to ensure it stands the test of time It is also a very effective way of standing out!

Some of our products

Our product line is still small…but we can’t wait to expand it!
Buying our products means that you are supporting our sustainable approach and that you will enable a lot of our many ideas to come to life!