Wild Mate

Mate The Wild

Green mate
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Origin Brazil
organic fair trade
BIO and FAIR TRADE certified

Mate The Wild: between character and subtlety

The Wild is a green matemade from quality leaves, without dust, with few stems, for the right balance between character and subtlety

a sweet and aromatic mate

For The Wild mate, we have chosen a mixed leaf cut of 2-5mm, with few stems, for a light and balanced bitterness.

It is a mate with a subtle vegetal taste and lemony notes.

Organic and Fair Trade Maté

Our mate comes from Braziland is certified organicand Fair Trade.
The organiccertification guarantees a mate without any use of synthetic chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers, weed killers…) and no useof GMOs: no undesirable substances in your calabash!

The Fairtrade labelcertifies that cooperatives of small-scale producers are assured of a fair and stable price for their products, as well as more sustainable trading relationships. The Fairtradealso verifies the measures put in place to protect the environment and the safety of employees.

*Fairtrade mate: grown by certified producers and marketed according to Fairtrade/Max Havelaar standards. 100% of the total weight.

Native Yerba Mate

Our Le Sauvage mate is an exceptional mate: it has been harvested from trees native to the Atlantic forest in southern Brazil, growing in the wild: hence its name!

Maté is an evergreen tree (Ilex Paraguariensis) that grows naturally on the banks of streams in mountainous regions between 500m and 700m in altitude. This large tree can grow up to 20 m high in the wild, when native. Thanks to the exceptional climatic conditions in Brazil, mate grows slowly and harmoniously, and its leaves are loaded with minerals and active ingredients.

Native mate has a higher caffeine and antioxidant content than cultivated mate, making it a high quality product, highly valued for its taste qualities and concentration of active ingredients.

Why “the Wild”?

mate brazil

Steam drying

steam-dried mate

Preserved flavours and nutrients

The Sapecagemstep, which involves heating the maté leaves strongly to prevent them from oxidising, was historically carried out by passing the leaves through flames, which generated smoke compounds, such as Anthraquinone and PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons).

Sauvage is dried with new equipment, which works with water and steam, to ensure the absence of toxic compounds in the leaves.

Thanks to this gentle steam drying process, the flavours and nutrients are preserved.


preparation traditionnelle mate etape 1

Fill at least 1/4 of the calabash with mate.

preparation traditionnelle mate etape 2

Tilt the calabash so that the mate slides to one side.
Moisten (cold or warm water) the leaves on the empty side.

preparation traditionnelle mate etape 3

Place the bombilla on the empty side

preparation traditionnelle mate etape 4

Pour hot water (80°c max) onto the bombilla, empty side.
Top up the water level during the day, without changing or discarding the mate.

Tips for preparing mate

Moisten your mate with a little cold water: this will limit the bitterness felt.

Do not use boiling water, but prefer simmering water at 70°C-80°C so as not to alter its aromas.

material advice

The Original

The Wild

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The Fresh

The Fruity


Green tea and apple notes

Vegetable with lemon notes

Lemon Ginger

Mint Lemon



✓ + Fair Trade


200g / 1Kg

200g / 1Kg




They tried and liked The Wild

(6 customer reviews)
Cl P.
L'original m'avait déjà beaucoup plu, mais celui la est encore meilleur, un gout puissant sans être envahissant, très agréable je me régale chaque matin.
Davy T.
Très doux, le seul maté que je supporte et qui soulage avec mes douleurs gastro-intestinal.
Rémi G.
Excellent! A mon palais, il semble moins amer et les arômes végétaux plus subtils et complexes que l'Original. Comme l'original, la découpe est idéale et malgré un peu plus de poussière rien ne se ressent lors de la dégustation. A mon goût le meilleur!
Séverine M.
Un peu plus corsé que le maté traditionnel tout en gardant le goût de l'original. J'aime beaucoup !
Tobias B.
The taste of the "sauvage" is similar to the classic Mate except it tastes a little bit stronger. I really like the taste because it is close to the taste of the mate I drank in South America. Furthermore, the higher amout of coffein is really helpful for a long day at the office. In general the mate has a high quality and it is the best organic mate I could buy in Europe so far. Although it is not a smoked mate the taste is not too weak and I really enjoy drinking it. Other organic mates I tried were really weak in the taste. This shop has a great choice of different tastes of mate and I am excited what other creations they will offer in the future. Greetings from Germany. Cheers, Tobias
Delphine L.
Ce maté "sauvage" a un goût plus "vert" que l'original sans avoir d'arrière goût ou fumé comme certain maté peuvent avoir. La découpe est comme l'original (pas de mauvaise surprise de branche ou de poussière). Il est délicieux et très frais. Sachant que je consomme plus de trois litres de maté dans la journée, je pense que ce maté "sauvage" deviendra mon maté attitré une fois mon kilo d'original terminé... C'est une belle découverte.. Merci

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