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Maté Origeens en vrac
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Origin Brazil
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Organic product

Organic mate The Fresh : Invigorating!

The Fresh mate is made exclusively from quality leaves, free of dust, debris or branches, enhanced by the refreshing flavour of mint and the tangy taste of lemon: a mate that invigorates!

A fresh and tangy mate

Mate leaves have a naturally bitter taste. This bitterness is exacerbated in finely cut matés, which are often very dusty, and in those with lots of stems.

We have chosen a 4-5mm wide leaf cut for our Fresh mate, for a light bitterness. Its minty, lemony fragrance gives it an invigorating and original touch.

This is a mate that will particularly appeal to those looking for a mate that is close to a fragrant green tea, but with a higher caffeine content, or to those looking for a refreshing mate!

A certified organic Green Maté from Brazil

Our organic Yerba Mate comes from the Parana region in southern Brazil, where it grows at an altitude of about 800 m. Maté leaves come from a tree called Ilex paraguariensis. The climate in Parana is characterised by very mild temperatures not exceeding 25°C in summer and not falling below 10°C in winter. Thanks to these exceptional climatic conditions, combined with regular rainfall, mate grows slowly and harmoniously, and its leaves are loaded with minerals and active ingredients: the result is an unequalled caffeine and antioxidant content!

Our mate is certified organic: it has been grown without the use of synthetic chemicals in order to respect nature, the growers and your health: no undesirable substances in your calabash!

Yerba Mate "Le Frais" - Rafraîchissant


of quality

A good flavoured mate requires the use of high quality ingredients. The recipe is simple, but the ingredients are fundamental. This is how you will find real flavours and authentic tastes… far from industrial matés with synthetic aromas.

Mate “The Fresh” is made from carefully selected, certified organicingredients:

  • Origeens mate without stem or powder,
  • lemongrass
  • peppermint leaves
  • lemon (oil and natural flavours)
  • orange pulp
Le Frais - La baleine
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Ornement de feuilles de maté


How to drink Maté "Le Frais"?

Drinking "le Frais" in the traditional way

Traditionally, mate is drunk with a calabash (also called a gourd) and a filtering straw called a bombilla.
The Frais is particularly pleasant to drink this way and can be sipped with pleasure throughout the day! The longer you leave it to steep, the more the lemon’s tartness develops.

Our tips for this method:

  • Always moisten your mate with a small amount of cold water: this will prevent its bitterness from developing.
  • N’utilisez jamais d’eau bouillante, mais de l’eau frémissante à 70°C-80°C, c’est une erreur courante… Boiling water will exacerbate the bitterness of your mate and alter its aroma and benefits.
  • If you cannot heat your water to a precise temperature: bring the water to a boil and then let it cool for 5-7 minutes, you should then be in the right temperature range to enjoy your mate.

Cocido: The Fresh like a tea

Cocido is a Spanish term for preparing mate like tea or coffee.

With its minty note, Le Frais is reminiscent of a green tea with mint and is therefore particularly suitable for this method:

You can use a tea ball or a teapot.

  • Utilisez une boule à thé, une passoire… bref, votre ustensile à thé préféré.
  • Measure out the quantity of yerba mate in the same way as you measure out loose tea.
  • Like the traditional method, wet the herb with a little cold water so that the leaves retain their flavour and nutrients.
  • Add hot water, be sure it is simmering but not boiling.
  • Leave to infuse for 5 to 8 minutes.
  • To make a stronger brew add more herb.

Terere mate: the iced yerba mate

Mate, served chilled, is very thirst-quenching in the summer for hot days. With its refreshing scent, Fresh is ideal for this season

  • Put 4 spoons of mate in 1 litre of simmering water
  • Infuse for 5 to 8 minutes and filter
  • Cool the preparation
preparation traditionnelle mate etape 1

Fill at least 1/4 of the
calabash with mate

preparation traditionnelle mate etape 2

Tilt the calabash so that the mate slides to one side. Moisten (cold or warm water) the leaves on the empty side.

preparation traditionnelle mate etape 3

Place the bombilla on the empty side

preparation traditionnelle mate etape 4

Pour lukewarm water (80°c max) onto the bombilla, empty side.
Top up the water level during the day, without changing or discarding the mate.



Ornement de feuilles de maté

Why drink mate?

Together with tea and coffee, mate is one of the three main drinks that contain the most caffeine. For comparison, black tea contains about 20mg of caffeine per 100ml of beverage, yerba mate 80mg and coffee on average 120mg.

Yerba mate is therefore more caffeinated than tea and slightly less than coffee, but it does not have its disadvantages. Indeed, for some people, coffee can increase stomach acidity, which promotes heartburn, a problem not faced by mate drinkers.

The energy boost provided by mate is also smoother and more gradual than coffee, thus avoiding the negative effects sometimes experienced with coffee such as nervousness, palpitations or anxiety.

Mate is the perfect companion for people looking for a daily energy drink to replace or reduce their coffee consumption, without its disadvantages, or simply to alternate and vary the pleasures.

Yerba mate also has a reputation as a healthy “super drink” because it is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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They tried and liked The Fresh

(6 customer reviews)
Julien D.
Un vrai bonheur de fraicheur au réveil, idéale comme boisson pour bien débuter la journée, le sentiment de fraicheur, le goût de menthe et de citron sont je trouve idéale pour bien débuter une journée et c'est les raisons pour les quelles j'en bois maintenant tous les matins au réveil. Merci Origeens 💚 pour la qualité et la diversité 💙 Vive le maté 🧉💚
Le meilleur maté que j'ai gouté avec un trés bon arriere gout de menthe et un citron un peu plus discret je recommande aux amateurs
Novice dans le maté, je me suis laissé tenter par celui-ci à la menthe citron. C'est un pur délice ! je le bois chaud ou froid avec des glaçons
Je recommande pour ceux qui veulent goûter du mate et qui ont peur du goût et aussi pour les autres.
Maelle B
Parfait. un bon maté du Brésil aromatisé avec du BIO

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Yerba Mate - Le Frais 200g
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