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A natural boost!

Right After, a breastfeeding tea for mothers who wish to stimulate their lactation in a natural way and reduce infant colic. It can also be enjoyed by anyone who is not breastfeeding and who wants to enjoy an easy-to-use herbal tea or to give their digestion a boost!

Be serenestrong
. All the plants used are certified organic, they have been grown without the use of chemicals to respect nature, your health and that of your baby

A combination of ancestral plants

graines de fenouil

Graines de fenugreek

Traditionally used for :

  • promote lactation in a natural way
  • enriching breast milk
feuilles d'ortie

Nettle leaves

Traditionally used to enrich breast milk thanks to their nutritional value: iron, vitamins B and C, minerals (potassium, calcium, zinc, silica)

feuilles de moringa

Moringa leaves

Traditionally used to enrich breast milk thanks to their nutritional value: Vitamins A and C, proteins and minerals (calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium)

Citron Gingembre Curcuma

Lemon, Ginger and Turmeric

Traditionally used to promote harmonious digestion and give energy

A safe composition

infusion vrac

Certified organic plants
Composition validated by a naturopath

  • Sans arômes artificiels
  • Composed of certified organic plants, synonymous with a culture without synthetic pesticides,
  • Composition validated by a naturopath.

→ Right After herbal tea respects Nature, your health and your baby’s health. Don’t worry, you can enjoy it with peace of mind!

Ingrédients:fenugreek seeds*, nettle leaves*, ginger*, lemon granules*, turmeric*, ginger granules*, moringa leaves*, lemon oil*, natural flavours
*Ingredients from organic farming

Treat yourself to a moment of well-being

chaude ou glacée
Some tips:

Give yourself a break with the Right After infusion:

  • Brew 2 teaspoons (2gr) of herbal tea for 1 cup (250ml) in 95º water for 10 minutes or
  • For iced tea, leave the leaves to steep in water at room temperature overnight, then chill in the fridge before enjoying.

The time it takes for this infusion to take effect will vary from one woman to another: for some, the results will be felt immediately, while for others it may take several days…

Right After Breastfeeding Herbal Tea is not a substitute for good breastfeeding practices for your baby: it is above all a helping hand and a way to hydrate yourself with pleasure!

The beneficial effect is obtained by drinking 2 to 3 cups per day. For daily use, we recommend that you do not exceed 3 cups per day.


Right After is not recommended in cases of pregnancy and a history of hormone-dependent cancers.

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They tried and liked Right After

(3 customer reviews)
Elise Bréal
J'adore la composition BIO. C'est clean et c'est validé par une naturopathe. Merci pour ce beau produit
J'aime beaucoup cette tisane ! J'en prends 3 fois par jour et elle m'a vraiment aidé pour ma production de lait. Je recommande !
Virginie D-L
Au niveau gout, c'est celle que je préfère. Le paquet est pratique, il est refermable

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