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Mate The Original

The Origeens Calabash Maté Kit: a gift to offer or to give yourself

The maté cup and the bombilla

Our maté calabash is a combination of modernity in its shape and tradition in its material.

We chose clay, a micro-porous material that provides better insulation, as well as a narrower opening that allows better heat retention. Its enamel finish makes it strong and easy to maintain: there is no need for tedious cleaning on first use, as is the case with traditional gourds which can become mouldy. It is easy to wash by hand or in the dishwasher.

The production is entrusted to a Portuguese ceramist: the experts in terms of ceramic know-how!

Did you know? Apart from gourds, which are usually of South American origin, gourds made of other materials are usually imported from China…

The bombilla is made of steel. It is ideal for effectively filtering your mate. It is easy to clean, just rinse it with water, and you can also put it in the dishwasher.


Ornement de feuilles de maté

Durable maté calabash with modern design

In contrast to wooden or gourd calabashes, ceramic maté calabashes are not among the very first handmade calabashes used centuries ago in Latin America… However, they have been developed with practicality in mind.

Ceramic is an easy-to-clean material. Unlike wood or squash, ceramics do not need to be cleaned before use. As a bonus, it is easy to clean by hand (or even in the dishwasher), and is particularly hygienic. However, ceramics is an old material that does not lack charm.

For all these reasons, Origeens has chosen to develop its own ceramic gourds.
What is special about the Origeens maté calabash?
Made by a craftsman, it is modern in form and traditional in material.

Hand Made


Lave vaisselle


calebasse maté
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Calebasse maté


calebasse maté
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Organic Maté

image pays brésil

Origin Brazil

What is yerba mate?

Mate: a traditional drink

Mate is a traditional plant and drink from South America where it is synonymous with conviviality!
Mate has been consumed for centuries in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. It grows on a tree called Yerba Maté, whose botanical name is Ilex Parguariensis.
In many South American countries, mate is a real tradition and is more popular than coffee. This drink is shared daily in a convivial way with friends and family. This herbal tea chases away loneliness!
It is consumed with a bombilla (maté straw) and a calabash.

Why drink mate?

Barack Obama, the football player Antoine Griezmann, Pope Francis, the actor Viggo Mortensen… many celebrities have adopted mate: why is this drink seducing more and more people?

Together with tea and coffee, mate is one of the three main drinks that contain the most caffeine. For comparison, black tea contains about 20mg of caffeine per 100ml of beverage, yerba mate 80mg and coffee on average 120mg.
Yerba mate is therefore more caffeinated than tea and slightly less than coffee, but it does not have its disadvantages. Indeed, for some people, coffee can increase stomach acidity, which promotes heartburn, a problem not faced by mate drinkers.
The energy boost provided by mate is also smoother and more gradual than coffee, thus avoiding the negative effects sometimes experienced with coffee such as nervousness, palpitations or anxiety.
Mate is the perfect companion for people looking for a daily energy drink to replace or reduce their coffee consumption, without its disadvantages, or simply to alternate and vary the pleasures.
Yerba mate also has a reputation as a ‘super drink’ with many health benefitsas it is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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Calebasse maté

How is mate drunk?

Preparing mate in the traditional way

Traditionally, mate is drunk from a special type of container called a calabash (or gourd), with a filtering straw called a bombilla. Mate is usually consumed with a group of friends or family. One person is designated to prepare the mate and then pass it to the second.
This person is called the Cebador.

Some tips for preparation:

  • Wet your mate with a small amount of cold water: this will prevent its bitterness from developing.
  • N’utilisez jamais d’eau bouillante, mais de l’eau frémissante à 70°C-80°C, c’est une erreur courante… Boiling water will exacerbate the bitterness of your mate and alter its aroma and benefits.
  • If you cannot heat your water to a precise temperature: bring the water to a boil and then let it cool for 5-7 minutes, you should then be in the right temperature range to enjoy your mate.

Top up the water level during the day, without changing or discarding the mate.

Mate can be consumed in many other ways, depending on personal taste, region or season. Did you know that mate can also be drunk iced? Flavoured matés, such as our orange maté, are particularly suitable.

Why drink mate from a calabash?

But why this particular type of container?
One reason is that this method is very invigorating: the mate leaves brew for a long time and the drink is therefore particularly high in caffeine.

Traditionally, mate is drunk from a calabash made from a gourd. As it is prepared, the wall takes on the flavour of mate and enriches the taste of the following preparations. But the problem with a gourd gourd is that it is complicated and time-consuming to clean and maintain, otherwise it will go mouldy, which at best will spoil the taste of your mate, and at worst will cause food poisoning!

But in our opinion, the most important reason for drinking mate from a calabash is the ritual and experience that takes place: you, your calabash, your bombilla and your mate, the keys to the success of a little sacred interlude!

When to drink mate?

The main potentially undesirable effects of Yerba maté are related to the fact that it contains caffeine. We recommend that you consume it in the morning and early afternoon, as you would a coffee, to avoid disrupting your sleep.

To learn more about how to prepare mate, we recommend you read our article5 WAYS TO PREPARE MATÉ.


preparation traditionnelle mate etape 1

Fill at least 1/4 of the calabash with mate.

preparation traditionnelle mate etape 2

Tilt the calabash so that the mate slides to one side. Moisten (cold or warm water) the leaves on the empty side.

preparation traditionnelle mate etape 3

Place the bombilla on the empty side

preparation traditionnelle mate etape 4

Pour hot water (80°c max) onto the bombilla, empty side.

Top up the water level during the day, without changing or discarding the mate.

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Calebasse maté

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coffret cadeau
calebasse maté

They tried and liked Calabash Box

(13 customer reviews)
Alexey P.
Excellent coffret ! Je l'ai acheté surtout pour la calebasse pour remplacer mon ancienne qui était une traditionnelle. Le gros plus avec celle d'Origeens, c'est qu'elle est en céramique, donc lavable correctement. (alors que les traditionnelles on ne peut que la rincer, sans produit, donc niveau hygiène un peu moyen ...) Donc un gros PLUS pour ce coffret. C'est clairement l'idéal pour découvrir le maté.
Marie-josé L.
Très bon produit. La calebasse et bombilla de qualité. J aime beaucoup et du coup, j arrive pratiquement à me passer de café. Je recommande
Fatma E.
Bien reçu, très satisfaite de mon achat. Juste un peu déçue que la calebasse reçu soit toute blanche et non comme sur la photo.
coralie H.
Tout d'abord agréablement surprise par l'envoi très très très rapide. Très bien emballé. Je ne connaissais pas cette boisson je l'ai découverte sur le site et je suis très satisfaite de mon achat. Le maté est bon je rajoute juste un peut de miel.
Yves B.
Je suis ravi de mon achat, le kit est complet et de qualité pour découvrir le maté. D'ailleurs, j'envisage d'en offrir un à ma mère
Jean-Marc C.
Correspond à mon attente.Et je rejoins la suggestion d'un couvercle pour la calebasse. L'emballage est des plus soignés, tout à fait adapté pour un cadeau.
Christian N.
Le mate top en goût, la cal et bom top. Remarque: Un poil petit dans la partie haute pour correctement préparer et aussi idée de couvercle pour transporter facilement.
Sekou D.
Proposer un bol avec un couvercle pour l’utiliser n’importe où
Raphael C.
Au top! Je recommande ! Le maté est très doux
Vince m.
Au Top! Très beaux coffret Yerba Maté de qualité et avec un maté savoureux!! Je m'en suis pris un pour moi et offert deux !
Fatima B.
Super produit conforme à l'attente petit défaut de fabrication mais sa passe sinon manque juste d'autre goût de maté,...
Verane V.
Je l’adore ! Je l’ai toute la journée à la main et le soir je peux la mettre au lave vaisselle. Taille parfaite, 🤩
Frédéric M.
Après plus de 3 mois d'utilisation j'en suis très satisfait, produit solide et de qualité. La bombilla et calebasse est utilisée tout les jours depuis l'achat ainsi que le passage au lave vaisselle, sans aucun problème.

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Calebasse maté
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